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Eufora Products

No Stereotypes. No Rules. No Boundaries.


Aloe therapy combines the legendary soothing benefits of Aloe and Aloe Stem Cells known to multiply the molecular potency by 1000x or more to help sooth and calm irritated, dry skin.

Nourish Line

Specifically formulated to replenish thirsty hair starved for attention, The Eufora Nourish Promise combats daily assault from environmental stress, aggressive styling practices, and chemical services, delivering TLC to hair and scalp through a unique blend of proteins, vitamins, natural oils and plant extracts.

Curl’n Line

Designed to put an end to unruly, thirsty, frizzy and stressed out curls. We offer a collection of performance-inspired products that lets every curly girl rejoice! Our promise is beautiful and vivacious curls.


Whether Avant-garde, architectural shapes, or comfortable silhouettes speak to your style sensibilities. EuforaStyle lets you celebrate the beauty of individuality. EuforaStyle is more than just a collection of style products. It’s about an attitude, a state of mind that gives you the confidence to present your unique personal style to the world.

Smooth’n Line

Our promise is a complete regimen of products that work to:

  • Win the war on frizz and leave hair velvety smooth
  • Deliver exceptional moisture and shine
  • Strengthen and protect the hair shaft
  • Give progressive smoothing benefits with results that last longer, making future styling easier each time

Volume Line

Dealing with flat and lifeless hair? It is a common problem! The Volume Promise Line gets right to the root of the problem, delivering performance specific formulas that provide lift at the scalp, restore body and add fullness without creating dryness. Complex formulations utilize over 75 premium grade botanical extracts, proteins and essential oils that promise scalp health and overall hair vitality.

Thickening Line

The Eufora Thickening Collection of products delivers the latest in scalp and hair science technology for thicker, fuller, and healthier hair. These zero weight, antioxidant rich formulas deliver silky softness without adding weight. Eufora’s proprietary technology, ProAmino Cell Complex, works to revitalize the health of the hair follicle and scalp and improve the strength and elasticity of the hair bringing back the look and feel of healthy, beautiful hair.

The BE Line – Beautifying Elixirs – Strength & Power

Beautifying Elixirs™ provides the most advanced solution for damaged, dull, brittle and frizzy hair. Hair color is protected from fading and stays vibrant longer than ever before.

Eufora’s Damage Cure Complex™ technology delivers real repair by penetrating deep into the hair shaft to repair damage, restore lipids, amino acids, critical nutrients and provide protection against further damage.

Eufora HERO for Men – men’s product line

Products that speak your language. Products that feel great, smell great and above all – perform. Eufora HERO for Men is designed for the selective man who deserves to look as good as he feels.